Highlighting On Two Of The Most Pronounced Neighborhoods In Downtown Seattle

Seattle Loan SpecialistsDowntown, the central business district of Seattle is abuzz with considerable housing opportunities as well as all sorts of happening activities to make life great and worthy of living. The spotlight here is on the 2 major downtown Seattle neighborhoods.


The most hip and youthful spirit of Seattle finds its expression in Belltown. Belltown is situated in between Seattle Center and Retail Core and hosts the maximum residential base of the Downtown Seattle. Apart from the residential opportunities, Belltown is also well-recognized as the home to numerous rock & jazz venues, cafes, pool halls, thrift shops, unique boutiques as well as many vibrant nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The Olympic Sculpture Park stands as a major attraction here which overlooks the beautiful waterfront of Seattle and also features amazing art pieces that are exhibited free of cost.

Pioneer Square:

The Pioneer Square is yet another remarkable neighborhood from Downtown Seattle. The place has a historical significance and is renowned as the “original Downtown” of Seattle thanks to its rich culture and past. It’s located at the southern part of Retail Core & lies in between Waterfront and Chinatown-International. Pioneer Square is characterized by its exotic Edwardian and Victorian architecture that reminds of its esteemed cultural heritage. People hitting the Pioneer Square are amazed by its classy ambience owing to the extensively furnished housing opportunities and the vintage feel they bring with it. However, Pioneer Square is never behind the modern up liftments and there is no dearth of chic restaurants, nightclubs and bars in the particular neighborhood of Downtown Seattle. The “Underground Tour of Bill Speidel is one of the major attractions here that makes you peep through Seattle history.

Both the Seattle downtown neighborhoods mentioned above are great in their own respects. The first one is the best for the most happening experience while the second would be perfect for those in search of an old world charm.

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