Real Estate In Seattle – The Strong Points

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The real estate market in Seattle is unanimously acknowledged as one among the top ten US markets for real estate. Despite the present crisis in the American property scene, the Seattle one seems to stand strong. Let’s look at the strong points.

Scenic Beauty:

Seattle, the largest city of Pacific Northwest is aptly dubbed as “Emerald City” given its amazing scenic view. It’s nestled between salty Puget Sound & the fresh Lake Washington and is covered by the snow-capped Olympic and Cascade peaks to its west and east respectively. The playful water bodies, the pristine mountain peaks and the picturesque lush countryside altogether create a breathtaking view where the numerous Seattle skyscrapers stand glistening like a jewel. With such mesmerizing scenic view, it’s only natural that investors would always attempt to invest in real estate Seattle.

Varied Housing Options:

The real estate market in Seattle is buzzing with diverse housing options. Whether you wish for single family house or a 3 bedroom home in the metro zone or a townhouse or condominium, the real estate scene in Seattle seems to be prepared with anything. The single family houses would be around 520,000 USD while the 3 bedroom ones come at 400, 000 USD. The townhouses would be starting from 3,30,000 while the 2 bedroom condos come around 2,00,00. Thus, the investors in Seattle always have the different options to choose as per needs and affordability.

Well-Equipped and Job Friendly:

Seattle and its neighborhood are a gem to invest on given they are so well connected with all forms of modern transport and road facilities. Besides, the area is also equipped with all the modern amenities and amusement facilities that make life worthy of living on in Seattle. Moreover, Seattle provides for several part-time and permanent jobs that have made the place a renowned job-friendly zone in US.

No wonder, the real estate market has never failed to retain its charm among the investors interested in cashing on the Seattle properties.

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